What Sets Us Apart

We know that dealing with school districts can be overwhelming. Our team will assist you with any problems you may be experiencing related to special education.  We take a comprehensive approach to determine what the most appropriate course of action will be.


From many years of experience working closely with families and attending IEP meetings for hundreds of students, our philosophy is simple. We will engage in the good fight to obtain the services and supports to meet your child’s unique needs. And in doing so, we will always remain professional, respectful, openminded and cooperative to ensure your child’s IEP team can remain focused on the most important thing, that your child receives the supports and services he or she needs to be successful.


After our cases resolve whether through settlement or by a due process hearing, we continue working with the family to help ensure settlement terms are implemented and/or the IEP process is working as it should for their child.


As part of our full-service representation we will:

  • Help to determine what the most appropriate placement would be for a student
  • Attend IEP meetings with Parents/Education Rights Holders
  • Provide guidance about special education issues

  • Review a student’s complete education history
  • Review/Analyze prior assessments
  • Evaluate the services provided to a student
  • Assist with discipline issues